Interactive Prototype

This project was based around the CHI 2019 Student Design Competition. The CHI 2019 theme is “Weaving the threads”. The prompt was to design an interface that uses technology to strengthen our social fabric, which is a metaphor for how individuals interact with each other within a community.

We designed an application called HOVr that coordinates airport carpools for mutual friends. Students at the University of Michigan are constantly looking to mitigate the expense of traveling to and from the airport when traveling home. A common solution to relieve this financial burden is to carpool with a friend. However, there currently exists no central platform to connect students with their peers for airport transportation. Therefore, HOVr will alleviate this stress by connecting U of M riders via their social network. By capturing information on both a rider’s flight and social network, HOVr is able to generate an extensive directory of travelers looking to carpool to the airport. HOVr will then identify users in this directory who are within the same network and are traveling around the same time. Once riders are matched they will then be connected via HOVr and a ride will be arranged for them that is provided by Uber or Lyft.

My main role in this project was the visual aspects. I did a majority of the prototyping, brand development, and presentation.

Click here to view the final presentation and learn more about HOVr.

promotional poster

augmented reality feature

As a challenge, we designed a AR aspect to incorporate into our app. Hypothetically, this feature would allow users to identify their HOVr ride

in the mass of cars waiting outside the airport.